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HealthBird and Marble are Partnering Up to Secure Your Data

November 10, 2022
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We are so excited to announce that HealthBird is partnering with Marble, a tech company that provides solutions for managing health data. Their API integration is what helps us to securely transfer our member’s information.  

So, What Is Marble, and How Does it Work? 

Marble’s API integration securely transfers patient-authorized medical information to HealthBird, which includes doctor's notes, medications, allergies, lab results, and more. It is simply a safe way to integrate digital medical records within the HealthBird platform. 

Why is Marble Necessary to the Nest? 

Partnering with Marble is vital because HealthBird’s mission is to simplify enrollment and management of health insurance. In order to do so, HealthBird needs to safely access health data. HealthBird chose Marble’s product to securely access information while respecting members’ privacy as HealthBird actually doesn’t see your digital records. Here are a few more ways that Marble benefits HealthBird: 

  • Marble retrieves and processes important patient prescription data. HealthBird utilizes this information to provide a smoother medication management experience for their members, which includes sending out reminders, medication interactions, and important updates. 
  • Patient data remains confidential due to Marble’s proprietary consent and routing engine which gives full control to the data owner.
  • Marble ensures compliance with the law and security details with HIPAA compliance and encrypting data in transit and at rest, adding an additional level of security to our users
  • Marble acts as the one-stop shop for HealthBird in terms of integrating robust connections with electronic medical records (EMRs) across the US. 

Our partnership with Marble is revolutionizing the health insurance industry by bringing seamless & secure digital experience right at your fingertips. Want to see for yourself? 

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