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What Is HealthBird? We're Glad You Asked.

June 15, 2022
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Choosing insurance that fits your needs and budget is challenging, particularly for those unfamiliar with technology and complex insurance jargon. What if there was a way for anyone to find the perfect plan in minutes, minus the headache? Now, there is. HealthBird is a new, virtual insurance marketplace that solves this frustrating problem once and for all.

Choosing Health Insurance Is Hard. With HealthBird, It Doesn’t Have to Be.

We’re not an insurance company – Think of us as a virtual assistant that helps our members shop for insurance. Our goal is to bridge the gap between insurance seekers and insurance providers, making it easier for people to purchase a plan that fits their needs. 

How HealthBird Works

HealthBird is designed to streamline the process of shopping for health insurance. Members can get started in minutes by answering a few easy questions.

Our comprehensive features will include:

  • A simple quiz that matches you with your ideal insurance plan in minutes
  • Partnerships with over 90 insurance providers
  • A digital insurance card that’s impossible to lose
  • An intuitive search function to easily find in-network primary care physicians and specialists
  • Help to access telemedicine providers using your plan benefits
  • Optional health tracking to make staying on top of your appointments and care easier than ever
  • A Virtual Medicine Cabinet with daily reminders to take your medicine
  • Easy access to all your prescriptions, with doctors’ notes conveniently included
  • Zero hidden fees

The short version? Our members will be able to shop, buy and track their insurance all in a single app. 

HealthBird Is the Insurance App Where Everyone Wins

HealthBird is unlike any other insurance app currently available. When insurance is too confusing to purchase, insurance companies miss out on business, while people in dire need of coverage go uninsured. With HealthBird, consider that problem solved.

When Will HealthBird Be Available? 

Currently, the founders of HealthBird are working around the clock to ensure our launch offers the best possible user experience from the start. We’ve already hired the best of the best in the industry to make sure every member finds the process of shopping for health insurance as easy as humanly possible. Even, dare we say, fun. In order to achieve these lofty goals and make sure HealthBird becomes the go-to app for managing day-to-day healthcare needs, we’re giving ourselves time to prepare. 

We have a prototype prepped, and HealthBird will be ready for a nationwide launch by the first quarter of 2023. In the meantime, we’re ironing out the details and building out additional features to make sure that finding critical health information is effortless and intuitive for every HealthBird member. 

Excited for HealthBird? While you wait…

Become an EarlyBird by joining our waitlist. You’ll get all the latest developments and be the first in line to download the app when it launches. Don’t forget to follow us on social for exclusive sneak peeks! 

Curious about investing opportunities? Learn more here, or connect with our founders for serious inquiries.

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