We’re simplifying health insurance from start to finish

Share in the success of HealthBird, and join us in our mission to make healthcare accessible to everyone.
As low as $100
Our mission

Easy-to-use, transparent health insurance

We’re paring AI technology and innovative approach with the human touch to make the insurance products simple.

Healthcare has never been simple

Many people feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right health coverage. Ending up with the wrong coverage leads to more frustration and financial hardship.
3.5 million
Individuals enroll online with assistance compared to 299 millions insured
3 hours
Average time to enroll in a plan for family of 5 (not included time spent on plan research & comparison, quoting)
61 %
Percent of people burdened by healthcare debt despite of them having health insurance
Our solution

HealthBird: The smart way to buy health insurance

HealthBird, is a free, self-guided platform and app that uses proprietary technology to streamline insurance enrollment and usage.
See what our app can do.
No middleman
No hidden fees
No markups
No paperwork

AI technology
with humans behind

When enrolled in any health insurance products through HealthBird, our customers get access to a Member Concierge team to feel supported along the way.
Join our forces to change the face of health insurance
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HealthBird company timeline

SEP 2021 ──
NOV 2021 ──
MAY 2022 ──
NOV 2022 ──
JAN 2023 ──
APR 2023 ──

Company founded in Miami

Ariel Dominguez and Irena Tigranyan started HealthBird to reinvent how the health insurance is done.

AI algorithm

Etni Estrella and Ali Arslan joined the team to work on R&D and building the first MVP.
may 2022

18 states

By the Open Enrollment the agent’s team secured partnerships with America top-trusted insurers in the major state for health insurance and supplemental.
november 2022

First Open Enrollment

1400 enrolled members at the end of the Enrollment.
january 2023

HealthBird app released

HealthBird app available in AppStore and Google Play and has already ranked as the #topapp in the #healthinsurance category.
april 2023

Launch of the
B2B program

HealthBird expanded its business by entering into B2B partnerships with insurance brokers, and business owners, and through the launch of a referral program.

Backed by well-respected angel investors and private capital

Seed round
1.5 MM
Bridge round
2.2 MM
Series A
Coming in 2024
Our plans

Where will your investment go?

Our vision is to develop the technology that enables humanity to live fuller and healthier lives.
Market expansion to reach more individuals and business
Add new insurance products to the existing ecosystem
Expand HealthBird
coverage state-wide
Release new app features to improve customer experience
Product development of the HealthBird’s AI algorithm
Build our team to keep up with the quality work

Own your piece of HealthBird

Connect with us
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We are here to change how healthcare works

How health insurance was intended to be

With the right team and innovative ideas, we can truly transform the industry and make a positive impact on people’s lives.
At HealthBird we believe everyone should have a full control and confidence when it comes to their health.
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