Welcome to HealthBird

We’ve crafted an easy and intuitive platform to handle all your insurance needs. Why? Because we care about our future.
HealthBird's team.

Where did it all start?

HealthBird was founded by Ariel Dominguez and Irena Tigranyan with the aim of simplifying the health insurance industry and making it more affordable and transparent.

Daring to dream

Our mission at HealthBird is bold but simple. We want to untangle the complexities of health insurance, making it accessible for everyone.

Making it simple

We are on a quest to help people live a fuller, healthier life.

Our Member Concierge team, guardian angels, are always there to guide the journey with easy-to-understand language.

Our members are our priority, so we cut through the noise and jargon, ensuring they are comfortable with their selections.

Because navigating the complexities of health insurance shouldn't feel like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube.

A fresh approach

Insurance built in 2024, not 1983.

At HealthBird, we’ve created a platform where shopping, buying, and tracking your health insurance is as easy as ordering a coffee.

How health insurance was intended to be

At HealthBird we believe everyone should have a full control and confidence when it comes to their health.

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Help us build the future of the accessible healthcare.