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Do you qualify for Special Enrollment Period?

If you have experienced any of these qualifying life events, you may be eligible for to purchase health insurance during SEP.
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I recently moved.
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My household size recently changed.
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My citizenship or immigration status recently changed.
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I recently lost or expect to lose health insurance.
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I was recently released from incarceration.
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Determine your Qualifying Life Event (QLE)

The common QLEs, such as marriage, childbirth, or job loss, are necessary to be eligible for purchasing a plan during SEP. Contact our licensed specialists at (833) 384-2473 for assistance.


Apply within 60 days

After a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) you usually have 60 days to apply for new coverage or make changes to a current one.


Gov’ts financial support

Get coverage outside of the typical enrollment window and receive the govt’s financial support to lower your monthly payments.

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Unsure about QLE? Let's talk

When life happens, there are still options to get affordable coverage to protect yourself and your family.
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We simplifies special enrollment
process for you

It takes less than 8 minutes to apply.
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Tell us about your QLE
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Get tailored recommendations
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Pick a plan that fits your needs
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Submit your application
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Questions that come up during SEP

What is a qualifying life event?

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When is the Special Enrollment Period?

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How long do I have during SEP to qualify for health insurance?

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Do I need to have any proof to apply?

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When will my coverage start?

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What if I don’t qualify for Affordable Care Act?

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What are the QLE examples?

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