All-in-One Dental, Vision, and Hearing Coverage? We Can Hardly Believe Our Eyes and Ears!

Published on
December 15, 2022
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Countless studies have shown that your smile is the first thing people notice about you. Taking care of your pearly whites should be a top priority. Might as well keep your prescription glasses up to date so you can see all that brushing and flossing pay off. And how will you hear the compliments roll in if your hearing isn’t what it used to be?

Dental, vision, and hearing care are all essential to your health and quality of life, but most traditional health insurance plans don’t cover them. We consider being able to see well enough to drive to work to be important for your quality of life. Until American healthcare sees the light, the best option is to enroll in separate plans to cover care for your teeth, eyes, and ears. HealthBird has made it easy as pie to sign up for health insurance from the start. Now, we also offer a bundled plan that combines coverage for your teeth, hearing, and vision, too. Pay one monthly premium, and never worry about paying for that root canal or new glasses again.

Let’s not make this complicated

Open enrollment runs through January 15, 2025, so seize the opportunity! Historically, anyone who wants head-to-toe health coverage has had no better option than paying several monthly premiums for several different healthcare plans.

What does the dental, vision, and hearing plan cover?

Prime DVH, provided by SureBridge, covers all three services in one policy. Coverage is offered for the whole family, and the options are flexible: You can see any provider you want, or get significant discounts by choosing an in-network provider. For a quick overview, coverage includes:

  • Routine dental checkups and eye exams with no out-of-pocket costs
  • An annual hearing exam of up to $75
  • Coverage for dental diagnostics, restoration, periodontics, oral surgery and more
  • Coverage for glasses, frames, contact lenses, hearing aids, and hearing aid repairs

Preventative care is covered in full. Other services require meeting a $100 deductible first, and only a percentage of the total cost of care is covered. For most services, Prime DVH covers 60% for the first year of coverage, rising to 80% by year three. It’s not 100%, but it’s so much better than paying full price out of pocket. Just biting a popcorn kernel can set you back thousands if you break a tooth, so why take the risk?

Dental, vision, and hearing coverage doesn’t replace the need for standard health coverage.

In states that legally require health coverage, the Prime DVH plan doesn’t meet the qualifications for minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act. It’s supplemental, covering the services that most standard health insurance plans leave out.

Luckily, HealthBird makes it effortless to keep track of all your healthcare needs in one place. Find the perfect health insurance plan in minutes by answering a few easy questions. Our AI will do the rest.

Then, sign up for Prime DVH to cover those prescription contacts and dental cleanings. After that, keep using the HealthBird app to keep track of all things health-related: Schedule appointments, review electronic medical records, find doctors, get reminders to renew your prescriptions, and connect with our helpful concierge service if you need more help.

Don't have vision, dental, or hearing coverage? Explore supplemental health insurance plans with us to fill the gaps in your coverage.

Cut out the middleman and get your healthcare needs handled, fast

Life is busy enough as it is. We prefer working smarter, not harder, so why shop for multiple plans and download multiple apps just to keep track of them?

Read more about exactly what dental & vision coverage includes  to see what else HealthBird can do.

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