Earn Cash With the New HealthBird Ambassador Program

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December 3, 2022

Unless you’re new to the internet, you’ve seen ambassador programs advertised. Amazon has one, as does eBay. The concept of every ambassador marketing program is the same: Content creators, from large publishers to bloggers and social media influencers, share customized links to their followers. Then, they earn a commission for any purchases made using their link.

To get the news out about HealthBird’s innovative app, we’ve started an ambassador program of our own: The HealthBird Ambassador Program. It’s not just for experienced content creators, either. Anyone can sign up because insurance is for everyone. You don’t need to have big connections or hundreds of followers on Instagram. Just tell your aunt, cousins, neighbors, and friends about HealthBird and start earning extra cash– All while helping people you care about to get the care they deserve.

Here’s how the Ambassador Program works

Step 1: Fill out a form to become an ambassador.

Anyone is eligible, so if you don’t have 50,000 followers, don’t worry. You’ll receive a unique referral link to track who clicks on it and signs up.

Step 2: Get approved and share your link.

Send it to your friends, family members, and anyone else you know who’s in the market for a new health insurance plan.

Step 3: Get paid.

You’ll earn commission for every member who converts in a health plan using your link within a 30-day window. It’s that easy.

Why it’s worth applying to be a HealthBird Ambassador?

Most ambassador programs are tricky to earn money from unless you already have a large following. That’s not the case here because we’re offering something priceless: A solution to a problem that almost everyone has experienced firsthand. Everyone needs health insurance, but choosing a plan is complicated and stressful. HealthBird takes the headache out of choosing a plan, and there’s no charge to use it.

Since it’s free, there’s no reason for your friends and neighbors not to try it out. Plus, it’s an easy sale: Anyone who becomes a HealthBird member has access to free features in addition to their new health insurance plan to put them in the driver’s seat of their own health. Book doctor’s appointments, get daily reminders for medications, add prescriptions, digital insurance cards, and more. What’s not to love?

We believe in our product so much that we’re offering one of the highest commission rates in the industry: $95 per enrolled member. Just a few referrals, and you’ll have earned yourself enough commission to upgrade your smartphone.

You also won’t have to figure out what to say all on your own. We can help! We provide support throughout the whole process and kickass in-house creatives to boost your campaign. If you have questions, just reach out to our Ambassador program manager for instant answers.

We did the math so you don’t have to

Refer just five people in a month, and you’ll have $475 extra in your pocket. Refer 10, and you’ll have nearly $1,000. The best part? You’ll actually be helping others to get the care they deserve, in the easiest way possible.

Apply to become an ambassador today, or email us at affiliates@healthbird.com

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