How to Get Health Coverage As a Gig Economy Worker

Published on
October 12, 2023
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Signing up for a health insurance plan is a little different in the gig economy. Salaried positions usually come with health benefits, typically offering a few health insurance plan options to pick from. If you’re self-employed, gig economy worker, or freelancer, health coverage isn’t built into your job.

Does that mean you’re stuck without insurance, crossing your fingers that nothing goes wrong? Of course not! The process of getting insured as a gig worker is different, but it’s still easy and affordable if you know how to do it. Relax. We’ll walk you through it.

When you’re a gig economy worker, you’re your own boss.

Self-employed friends, give yourself a pat on the back. In the eyes of the government, you’re your own employer. In exchange for perks like choosing, how, when, and where you work, you’re in charge of getting your own medical insurance plan.

Why is health insurance as a gig worker so important, anyway?

Unless you’re the next Marvel superhero, you’re probably not invincible. In addition to the risk of getting sick or injured, staying on top of preventative care is crucial for gig workers. While some states offer limited unemployment benefits to independent contractors, more often than not, being unable to work means losing your income. If a gig worker gets seriously ill and can’t work, they’re stuck taking care of astronomical medical bills while they’re supposed to be taking care of themselves. Not good. Fortunately, getting insured isn’t that tough.

With HealthBird, picking a new plan is a breeze for gig workers

When your employer provides health insurance, your options are chosen for you. As a gig worker, you have dozens of plans to pick from, but all those options can be overwhelming. That’s where HealthBird comes in. Just download the app, answer a few questions, and get a list of plans that fit your needs and budget in a matter of minutes.

It’s crazy simple, and depending on your income, number of dependents, and other factors, you may be eligible for reduced premiums. Additionally, if you pay for your own medical insurance, your monthly premiums are deductible on your federal taxes.

Still nervous? Don’t be!

If you can handle being your own boss, you can handle this one too. Open enrollment is coming soon.

Prepare by taking the free HealthBird app for a spin and start planning your next health insurance move today.

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