Introducing the New HealthBird Rx Card

Published on
December 9, 2023
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In a perfect world, we’d never get sick. Preventative healthcare would keep all of us in amazing shape, and our immune systems would magically fight off every virus that comes our way. Sadly, getting sick happens, and plenty of us rely on prescription medication to stay well and protect our quality of life.

Medication is often costly, especially if you’re uninsured. Even if you are insured, health insurance plans don’t necessarily cover every medication, and paying full retail price is a more painful pill to swallow than the actual prescription! Instead of paying an arm and a leg just to keep all your arms and legs, try our free Rx card for instant savings.

The HealthBird Prescription Rx Card Offers Up to 65% Off!

An Rx card is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to save on medications. We are now bringing this fantastic benefit to all of our HealthBird members.

  • Immediate access with no waiting time
  • In-app digital card available 24/7
  • Easy use at over 60,000 participating pharmacies
  • Up to 65% savings on generic medications
  • Discounts on all FDA-approved medications
  • Discounts on some over-the-counter drugs

What doesn’t the Rx card include?

Membership fees, eligibility limits, or caps on usage. Whether you’re uninsured, underinsured, or your current insurance doesn’t cover a specific medication, the prescription Rx card can help you save money at your next visit to the pharmacy.

Who can use our Rx cards?

If you’re a HealthBird member you will see the Rx card on your app. If you are not a member please contact Member Concierge for more information at or (833) 384-2473

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