Is HealthBird Worth Investing In? You Don’t Want to Miss This

Published on
June 26, 2022
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Health insurance in the United States is notoriously tough for members to navigate. We at HealthBird are about to solve one of the biggest problems with modern health insurance, and it’s not too late to help us make it happen.

Why you should consider investing

HealthBird isn’t yet another insurance company. We’re a unique platform designed to solve real problems for real people. For example:

  • Signing up for health insurance is primarily done online, but not everyone is comfortable using technology.
  • Even tech-savvy members often find health insurance jargon confusing
  • Most insurance apps have poor reviews due to clunky UX design and bugs that make them hard to navigate
  • If insurance is too complicated to sign up for, many people opt to go uninsured instead

HealthBird is unlike any other health insurance marketplace

We’re the first app-based health insurance enrollment platform that uses AI-based algorithms to match your ideal health plan to you and your family. The current technology used by insurance companies isn’t serving consumers nearly as well as it could. With HealthBird, the headache of signing up for health insurance is gone.

We’re blowing the competition out of the water

As the first of its kind, we’re not just ahead of the curve: We’re defining it. HealthBird has combined proprietary algorithms with an extensive network of data repositories and insurance carriers to streamline the process of shopping for insurance.

Since insurance today is purchased primarily online, HealthBird concentrates on a web-first strategy. Our simplified UX makes HealthBird easy enough for anyone to navigate, even for those unfamiliar with technology and confusing insurance terminology. In effect, we’re offering a next-level experience from start to finish. With traditional platforms, signing up for insurance is frustrating beyond belief. With HealthBird, it’s virtually effortless to shop, buy, and track custom health insurance all in one place.

We’re a tough act to follow

The technology behind our platform was designed by senior level industry insiders, and our algorithms are challenging to replicate. With a memorable name, bold colors, and a smooth layout, HealthBird is already ahead of the game.

Our intuitive platform is primed for growth

We’re available and licensed in 18 states covering 70% of the uninsured market, with more to come. Our revolutionary design is the first to embrace inclusivity, making it easy for all generations to manage their health and wellness.

Questions? Connect with our founders.

If you’d like to know more about our current investment opportunities, schedule a call below. We look forward to meeting you!

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