Meet Irena Tigranyan, the CoFounder of HealthBird

Published on
July 13, 2022
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We’re firm believers that companies are only as good as the people who behind them. HealthBird was invented by a team of real people. They were tired of dealing with the frustrating process of digging for affordable insurance until it hit them: Why put up with a problem when you can solve it? Building HealthBird is a team effort, but the endeavor is led by Irena Tigranyan, cofounder and director of operations.

Irena’s Role at HealthBird

Director of Operations is a fancy way of saying that Irena does pretty much everything that needs to get done behind the scenes of HealthBird. She oversees the direction of the company, from its branding, marketing, and PR, to hiring and onboarding new staff members and agencies, to planning new partnerships and connecting with investors.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Basically, Irena’s working around the clock to help make our vision into a reality. We’ve tried to get her to take a day off, but she turned us down.

Why She’s Proud to Be Part of the Company

When the opportunity to head a startup came her way, Irena didn’t hesitate for a second. Building things from the ground up is her idea of a fun challenge. She loves working out the logistics of transforming good ideas into a company – Especially one that makes people’s lives easier.

That’s the real “why” behind Irena’s choice to be a part of HealthBird. She wants her work to mean something, and what could be more meaningful than helping more Americans stay healthy? HealthBird crafts technology to enable humanity to live fuller, healthier lives, and Irena is counting the days until it’s ready for launch.

At the End of the Day, Irena’s Just Like You

As formal as the titles “founder” and “director of operations” sound, Irena’s not some stuffy, corporate bigwig. The reason she’s so familiar with the frustrations of American health insurance is because it wasn’t too long ago that she moved to the U.S. herself.

After seeing how unnecessarily confusing it was to go through so much paperwork, especially printing and sending faxes (really?), she knew that there was so much opportunity that she could bring. Plain and simple. On a professional level, she’s relentless, tech-savvy and business-minded. On a personal level, she’s just like everyone else. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones, continuously learning and improving, and brainstorming how she can make a positive impact.

Questions? Connect with Irena and the rest of the HealthBird team here to find out more about investment opportunities and the future of health insurance.

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