April 12, 2022
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Technology: Advancing Medical Choices

Signing up for insurance is easier than ever. Companies regularly utilize online portals for patients to fill out the sometimes-lengthy paperwork required for initial sign-ups.

Choosing the right coverage can be challenging for some, especially those with unique situations or medical histories. Many citizens choose to utilize insurance coverage through their job or school, and with the advent of online registration, accessing and monitoring your own health records has become much simpler. Governmental sites like simplify the process with a one-stop portal to clarify choices for those without coverage.

Additionally, online insurance portals often provide policy information, access to medical provider lists and even details of medical claims at the push of a button for covered policyholders. These new technologies have come a long way, and purchasing insurance is much easier than it used to be. Still, it’s not a perfect system…Yet.

Technology and Insurance: Improvements and Challenges

While many citizens are comfortable with living, working and playing online, other people aren’t used to navigating an online world. Luckily, advances in how this technology looks and feels for users can make healthcare and insurance more accessible than ever. With HealthBird, everything about healthcare is made easier, including:

  • Healthcare Records – Patients can access their own medical records without having to request them from an office.
  • Eligibility Checks – Automated checks can be performed online making treatments easier and quicker.
  • Billing – Streamlined processes make understanding your bills easier.
  • Reduced Errors – Automated actions mean fewer human errors.
  • Increased Accountability – Technology makes it easier for medical professionals to comply with regulations, making it easier to provide quality care.
  • Data-Driven Decisions – Sometimes, technology may provide data that shows certain coverage may not be beneficial for a provider or a policyholder. Quick, reliable data can help clarify policy options for every member.

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