The Long Wait Is Over. HealthBird Is Finally Here!

Published on
November 1, 2022

There are many things to love about living in the United States, but our healthcare system isn’t usually on the list. Health insurance is required by law, but enrolling in a health insurance plan in the States is both confusing and expensive. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who are frustrated and fed up, this one’s for you. The groundbreaking HealthBird platform (soon app too!) is officially up and running, marking the start of a new chapter in American healthcare.

What’s different about HealthBird, you ask? A lot.

The health insurance industry isn’t an easy one to change. There’s over 100 years of history at play. Completely reinventing American healthcare is a tall order, so the HealthBird team focused on making the system we have easier and more accessible. We started changes with the insurance search process, purchase and enrollment.

Up until now, signing up insurance has looked something like this:

Step 1: Find out through a Netflix ad that open enrollment is happening soon

Step 2: Google how to sign up for insurance

Step 3: End up on a disorganized, state-funded health insurance site and fill out a long list of questions

Step 4: Receive an even longer list of plan options

Step 5: Spend hours trying to figure out the difference between each one

Step 6: Give up, and either pick one at random, or go without insurance and hope you don’t get appendicitis

With HealthBird, things work like this instead:

Step 1: Learn ahead of time that open enrollment is coming soon

Step 2: Open  

Step 3: Answer a few questions on an intuitive platform

Step 4: Get a handful of customized quotes chosen just for you by our advanced algorithm Costa AI

Step 5: Pick the plan that you like the best. Enrolled!

Step 6: Use the platform  to access your insurance cards, track your prescriptions and get appointment reminders all in one place.

Bonus step: Add dental, vision and hearing coverage to your health insurance in one HealthBird account and rule them all!

Better, huh? You’ll still have access to just as many plan options, only our innovative Costa AI will do all the comparing and sorting for you.

Our old system is so unnecessarily complicated that we need guides to navigate it. HealthBird makes it so much easier to make informed decisions about your own health. Taking care of your health should never be a headache. Our ultimate goal is to reformat old ways of thinking, so that no one ever has to dread signing up for insurance. Oh, and it’s only going to get better from here.

Over the course of the next year, HealthBird members can expect:

  • Ongoing app development to continue improving our algorithm’s accuracy and speed
  • The launch of a brand new product made just for families (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!)
  • The addition of other insurance plan options, like life insurance and pet insurance
  • Even more available plans, in more areas of the United States

Ready to see HealthBird in action? Take it for a spin and enroll today.

Is there something we missed? Reshaping American healthcare is a community effort. If you have ideas for HealthBird features you’d like to see in the future, contact us here to share your feedback. We’d love to hear from you.

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