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Meet Mirtha Fonte, the CFO of HealthBird

Our Team
October 5, 2022
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Every groundbreaking company needs big thinkers, but they also demand a great deal of financial acumen to make it through launch and beyond. We’re proud to introduce HealthBird’s Chief Financial Officer, Mirtha Fonte, who’s helping HealthBird to reach its full potential.

Mirtha brings over 25 years of experience to the table. After earning her degree in Accounting and achieving her CPA certification, she led implementations and professional service teams for Systems Union for 12 years. She also served as the Chief Financial Officer of KRS Global Biotechnology, successfully helping the company to unify all their corporate departments in a single, cohesive system. She also re-negotiated procurement contracts for KRS, saving the company more than $400,000 every year. Additionally, she led the implementation of all corporate governance programs related to finance and human resources. The bottom line? Over the course of her 10-year tenure, she saw KRS from the pre-revenue stage to acquisition. 

Mirtha also founded a company of her very own called LedgerPros Consulting. There, she helped small and medium sized companies with project management and the optimization of their financial goals and functions. 

At HealthBird, Mirtha is in charge of all financial accounting, procurement, and human resource functions. To say she knows what she’s doing is an understatement, and we’re incredibly grateful to have her on board. Learn more about the HealthBird team and how you can be a part of it on our founders page.

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