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Help your clients find and apply for affordable health insurance in minutes. Earn high referral fees starting from $150.

The smart way to offer health products

HealthBird is a free, self-guided digital platform & app to find the best quotes, compare plans, and apply for health insurance in under 8 minutes.
No middleman
No hidden fees
No markups
No paperwork

Our referral program is perfect for…

It’s simple to become a HealthBird advocate and help others to find affordable health coverage.
Start by sharing your personal link to our powerful plan search with your community. The rest HealthBird will do.
Home owner or casualty insurance broker
Life insurance broker
Auto appraiser
Real estate agents / brokers
Accountants (CPA/Non-Licensed)
Doctors (MD/DO)
Medical Assistants (MA/CNA) and Nurses (RN/NP)
Psychologists (PhD/PsyD)
Physical Therapists (PT/MPT/MSPT/DPT)
Mental Health Profesional (LPC/LCPC/LPCC/LMHC/LMFT)
Social Workers (LSW/LCSW)
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We all need good affordable health insurance to feel secure. Moreover, we need people who can make it a reality.

The perks of partnering with HealthBird

You don’t need a health insurance license with our referral program to expand your services with health products.
New viable revenue stream
Transparent sales & fees tracking
Ongoing support
Client retention & loyalty
Reputation boost
Complimentary clients benefits
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No entry fees

Join our referral program in 3 easy steps

We’ll provide you with ongoing support, marketing materials and tools to succeed from the first day.
Once you submit an application, our team will reach out with the next steps and your unique referral link.
Onboarding call
During the call, you’ll meet the support team, learn about the HealthBird platform, products & tools.
Refer clients
Start sharing your referral link and info about HealthBird with your book of business.

Health insurance simplified

Now your clients can easily find affordable coverage in under 8 minutes.
Enter personal information
Get tailored plan recommendation
Pick a plan that fits needs
Submit application
Get approved online
No middleman
No hidden fees
No markups
No paperwork
We work with America’s top-trusted health insurers your clients like. Available in 18 states.

HealthBird app to win your clients’ hearts

When enrolled through HealthBird, all members get free access to a complimentary HealthBird app.
It takes care of routine healthcare tasks in seconds saving time and energy.
Find doctors & schedule appointments
Track meds
& prescriptions
Add dental, vision
& hearing coverage
Keep in control family’s health with HealthNest
Organize & save
all insurance cards
Member Concierge in your pocket
Coming soon: Telemedicine, Digital Medicine Cabinet & Discount Prescription Card

Other insurance products simplified

Along with health insurance, we offer dental, vision and hearing plans to enhance health coverage while HealthBird App helps your clients make the most of the benefits.
for families and individuals
For family and individuals
Plans start at $19*
for families and individuals
For family and individuals
Plans start at $9*
dental, vision and hearing
Dental, vision and hearing
Plans start at $21*

Ready to refer your clients to scale your business?

Join us today to start earning on health products while providing your clients with HealthBird’s powerful healthcare tools.
Hold a health insurance license?
Our Broker Program will supercharge your business so you can spend more time on client acquisition and expanding.

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Nice things people say about HealthBird


Simple, easy, quick coverage! I had gone back and forth with another company for weeks for less, more expensive coverage and then heard of you guys! I was qualified and covered within a few minutes! Thank you!

Rafael, HealthBird member since Dec 2022

Fast and affordable

Having been in the life insurance industry for many years, I couldn’t believe how easy and fast this buying process was. The price was great, the process was easy, what’s not to like.

Alicia, HealthBird member since Nov 2022


Easiest process I’ve used for applying for insurance, for any product! Incredibly easy to do, intuitive, and the process was painless.

Manuel, HealthBird member since Nov 2022

Quick to enroll

I’m amazed at how quick the process was to enroll for a plan. Plus, I was able to get a free quote before picking a plan.

Alfredo, HealthBird member since Dec 2022

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